Monday, 20 August 2012

Sky TV Make iPad Remote Control! Welcome The Zeebox!

Sky TV Make iPad Remote Control!

Welcome The Zeebox!

Officials from Sky have revealed that its’ iPad app has been updated with the functionality to work as a TV remote to control the Sky+ box. It is thought that this update will be launched very soon (end of the Summer). This technology has become all the rage with millions of Sky+ customers because of the convenience it offers.

Known as Zeebox integration, the iPad will be able to be used for: play, pause, rewind and selecting TV channels, this will work by a series of swipes across the screen, what’s more iPad users will be able to manage their TV’s planner too, as the app will have the ability to add and delete recordings!

Sky are promoting this updated app to give the user an ‘even more’ intuitive experience.

From a practical point of view, the user will need to ensure that they connect their iPad to the same broadband connection as their Sky+ box before the Zeebox technology will work, but other than the once downloaded and connected the iPad will display all the functions of the new Sky TV guide!

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