Monday, 17 October 2011

CCTV Protect Your Home

At Doddington Aerials & Satellites we have been receiving an increasing number of enquiries asking if we install CCTV in homes and the answer is ‘yes’. Doddington Aerials & Satellites offers a number of home CCTV solutions.

There are a number of reasons why people require a CCTV installation at their home, this can be for overall peace of mind, to prevent/ after a robbery or to record criminal behaviour such as problematic neighbours or persistent vandalism. 

CCTV For Your Home With Doddington Aerials and Satellites
 You might even notice more and more properties around Sussex boasting CCTV cameras. It’s no longer for homes located near less desirable areas - CCTV is being installed in many homes across the county.

CCTV is an abbreviation for ‘Close Circuit Television’ and can be described as a collection of small cameras which have the ability to move up to 360 degrees recording behaviour.
Many choose CCTV systems that have sensors to detect movement and therefore can start recording when motion is detected.

Other people opt for a system that has the ability to record at night time so that their property is protected during the evenings and darker times. CCTV is often used an effective deterrent and offers many people peace of mind. We often have enquires from people who have recently suffered robberies as they find it gives them a security that little else could offer.

As technology has progressed CCTV has become more affordable so is a cost effective way to protect your property.

One of the big attractions of using home CCTV is  that the cameras can be discreetly installed and therefore are no longer an eyesore on the property exterior. This size of the cameras have also decreased this means that they are small enough to fit in almost any desired location- therefore no matter where you need to install the cameras they are likely to fit!

The video footage captured on CCTV cameras can provide evidence and can be captured direct to a video recorder or straight to a home computer, so you can monitor your home and garden 24hours a day.

It is important that you choose a good quality CCTV systems that is robust and weather proof, this will also help ensure it records to a desirable standard. There are a few key features to think about when researching CCTV systems for your home these include:
  • The ability to expand  to a multi-camera system
  • Day/Night CCTV cameras
  • Movement detection CCTV cameras
  • Wireless CCTV cameras
  • Colour or black & white CCTV cameras
  • CCTV with built in microphones
There are many different domestic CCTV options therefore it is best we visit your property; we will then be able to see where you require the cameras and why you require the system, we will then work out a cost effective system for you.

Doddington Aerials & Satellites will offer you impartial advice based on your individual needs, please contact us today for more information!

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