Tuesday, 25 October 2011

FM Radio Switch Over By 2015

FM radio to be switched off by 2015 - digital DAB radio is on its way!

It has been reported that come 2015 people in the UK will no longer be able to access FM radio stations because the government aims for all radio to be broadcasted digitally.

By the end of 2015 local and national radio stations will no longer broadcast via an analogue system and will move to digital, also known as DAB.

This radio switchover is concerning many motorists due to the incompatibility of DAB in cars, in response the government recommends that new cars are built with DAB technology.

In recent years the volume of people listening to radio via a digital channel has increased. It is thought that the government will ensure that before the switchover takes place, 90 percent of the population will have the ability to access DAB. This digital radio switchover is likely to be funded by the leftover funds from the digital television switchover in 2012. For more info about digital radio click here!

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