Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Landlady Wins Satellite TV Scuffle

Since 2005 landlady Karen Murphy of The Red White and Blue, Southsea, has made news headlines in her battle against the Premier League. In 2005 Karen signed up to receive the Sky Sports packages in her establishment, but shortly found a subscription fee of approximately £1,000 charged by Sky.

This saw Karen change her subscription provider to NOVA a cheaper alternative, however soon enforcers working on behalf of The Premier League prosecuted her on grounds that only Sky could show its football games in the UK. This left Karen ordered to pay thousands of pounds in fines and fees.
In 2011 Karen finally won the right to use a foreign satellite decoder in her pub to screen football matches. This decision was made by the European Court of Justice who ruled that granting exclusive rights of providers like Sky is unlawful.

This ECJ also advocated that there is no such copyright on football matches as there is no ‘intellectual creation”.

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