Monday, 23 May 2011

Brighton Digital Switchover News

Ok, so we've all heard about the digital switchover and its now underway, there is no escaping that TV is going digital!

But what does the digital switchover mean?
Basically the digital switchover refers to the current analogue TV signal being switched off; the analogue signal will be replaced with a new digital TV signal and which will affect everyone, including you!

I live in Brighton, how will the digital switchover effect me?
For our local area of Brighton it is important to know that the switchover will happen in two stages;
1) The signal comes from a transmitter located in Whitehawk Hill which will be switched over on 7th March 2012 and 21st March 2012.

 2)On Wednesday the 7th March 2012 the BBC2 analogue will be switched off, this means that you will have to re-tune your digital TV system in order to watch the accessible channels. On Wednesday the 21st March 2012 the remaining analogue channels will be switched off and therefore you will no longer be able to watch TV via an analogue system. 

Right here is the important bit to remember, you have to re-tune your digital TV system for a second time to watch the additional channels.

What are the benefits to me of the digital switchover?
Ok, the really great part of the digital switchover is; literally everybody will be able to watch digital TV!
There are also a few other benefits that digital TV offers you; you will be able to watch even more TV channels than analogue TV ever broadcasted. 
You also will be able to subscribe to additional channels such as film and sport, so everyone is happy!. 
You will be able to access additional services such as the ‘Red Button’ for all those people who wonder what the red button is - you will now be able to find out, audio description and subtitling making it really easy for those with additional needs.

So in a nut shell; there is no escaping the digital switchover it will impact everyone across the UK!
The digital switchover doesn't mean you have to go out a buy a brand new TV, nor do you have to have Sky TV installed. There are many options you can choose from to make sure you are ready for the digital switchover.

If you would like advice on the digital switchover or would like a free assessment to see if your TV system is ready for the switchover; please feel free contact Doddington Aerials & Satellites on 0779 478 6718 or email  

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