Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Using Abseiling & Rope Access To Install Aerial & Satellite TV Systems

After working in the aerial and satellite installations industry for over six years I decided to go it alone and knew it was important to distinguish myself. This is when I identified a gap in the market.  My business partner Gavin and I knew from our experience that when carrying out large installations to high-rise buildings such as flats, that equipment such as cherry pickers and scaffolding is expensive and time consuming. 

This is when we decided to study for and carryout the necessary practical assessments to gain the IRATA rope access qualification.

The IRATA qualification has enabled us to use rope access and abseiling to undertake almost any work, and has given us a fantastic skill for our aerial and satellite installations. 

The advantages related with abseiling compared to other methods of access used in the aerial and satellite installations industry work together to offer two key benefits these are; time and financial. 

Rope access and abseiling enables us to offer a considerably quicker service; as essentially all we need to do is safely rig up our ropes and we are ready to go, there is no waiting around for scaffolding and the erection of this equipment. Something which often is overlooked is the surrounding land of an installation; for scaffolding flat ground is needed in order for the structure to be put up safely, again abseiling eradicates this requirement. 

Our abseiling service is regularly used to install IRS systems in blocks of flats. Abseiling to install satellite systems this is fantastic for the residents because there is minimal disruption to their home. Installing a system to a block of flats usually takes time; this means that equipment needs to be left on site overnight. With abseiling and rope access our tools and equipment is packed away and taken with us every night, so security is increased too!

For aerial and satellite companies installing digital TV systems, the number of man hours is cut; the time to setup and dismantle the equipment is vastly reduced, this means that many project lead times are frequently lowered, helping to ease budgetary pressures. 

The main reason why rope access and abseiling is a brilliant tool for aerial and satellite installations aside from the cost and time benefit is; the ropes allow for areas which cannot be accessed via traditional equipment;  to be accessed quickly, easily and most importantly safely!

Watch a video of us abseiling in action!

If you would like more information about abseiling or rope access to install TV systems visit our website: www.doddingtonaerials.co.uk

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