Monday, 30 May 2011

Freeview VS Freesat, Doddington Aerials & Satellites

With the digital switchover fast approaching we have found that many customers are now looking into digital TV options that are free to air, mainly Freeview and Freesat.  Therefore we thought we would write you a short post on the key differences between the technologies. 

The main thing to know is that the key difference is the way in which the services are received.
Freeview can be accessed through an existing aerial, but does involve purchasing a Freeview box or a TVs with built in Freeview capability.

Freeview is popular because it does not require a customer subscription. The Freeview system is essentiality plugged into the aerial and which will give instant access to its services. Freeview gives you the choice of around fifty TV and radio channels, including HD. There are now additional Freeview products available including Freeview Plus, which allows for TV to be recorded, paused and more.  Freeview Plus HD is also available too, Freeview HD services include; five HD BBC HD, ITV1 HD and 4HD.

Freesat is a satellite TV service similar to Freeview, again there is no customer subscription making it a popular alternative to Sky and Virgin. The difference when having Freesat installed is that it requires you to have a satellite dish. Like with Freeview, to receive Freesat you need to buy a box, or TV with a built Freesat. Many people opt for Freesat as it widely reported to have better coverage are it is viewed via a satellite dish.

Freesat offers a few more channels, approximately 140 TV and radio channels. Freesat also allows you to watch HD TV and has a Plus option too. Freesat is a well-liked alternative to Sky for people who have an existing Sky dish, but do not want to pay subscription charges.

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