Thursday, 26 May 2011

Why Are Home Cinema Systems Growing In Popularity?

Home Cinema systems have become a popular way for people to enjoy films and TV from the comfort of their own sofa! With the ability to install projectors, 3D and HD TVs with surround sound, many people are choosing to stay at home over visiting the cinema.

Recordable hard drives and services such as Sky Plus have given people more options than ever before to enjoy TV. As technology improves home cinema TV systems are becoming more popular because products are more affordable.

With the size of TV screens increasing to over eighty-two inches home cinema is becoming even more attractive proposition for many film and gaming enthusiasts.

As part of the home cinema experience, many people opt for a flat panel TV for both decorative purposes and for displaying TV on a picture frame-thin screen.  HD TV is also a popular option too, as HD TVS can offer over 4 times the amount of information that traditional TV can. When additions such as surround sound are added a real home cinema can be created; including the much sought after audio experience too!

A recent report revealed that 3D TV could transform the way we watch television and our home cinema systems. With new film patterned retarder (FPR) technology approved as ‘flicker-free’, an even sharper and clearer 3D image than ever before will become widely available. 

Home cinema capabilities are endless, if you would like advice about a home cinema system please do not hesitate to call Doddington Aerials & Satellites 07794786718 or email

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