Friday, 10 June 2011

Review Of The World’s Most Expensive TV!

Today the world’s most expensive television was revealed and is about to go on sale (if you are lucky enough to afford it!).

The TV is thought to be so enormous that many reporters are suggesting that an entire floor of a house (would would say mansion) needs to be dedicated to the TV, just to hold its weight! The TV weighs around half a ton and for this reason won’t be sold to you until your house has been visited by a representative, to ensure that your house is structurally sound to hold the TV!

This next generation 3D TV has an 85 inch screen and a motorised stand, and costs around 85,000 US Dollars! (Yes, you did read that number correctly!)

The TV is described by its developers to be a ‘smart’ TV, boasting a camera which calibrates the pixels after 100 hours of screening to simply guarantee perfect colour coordination!

If an 85 inch screen is just not big enough, then you won’t be disappointed as there is an even a larger edition, yes, really there is!  If you have a spare $113,000 (and a house the size of Buckingham Palace) then you can purchase the 103 inch screen!

It is believed that the 85 inch TV has been purchased, and get this; was airlifted down using a helicopter to the customer’s house, then the windows were remove to get it inside!

If you have the cash to purchase this TV you won’t be disappointed, the people lucky enough to have watched this TV describe the 3D capability as like being inside the TV! But do note that the TV doesn’t come with the 3D glasses you have to buy these separately at a cost of about $150 each (at $85,000 you would have thought they would throw a pair in for free!).

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