Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Solving Poor or Bad TV Reception

One of the services which we offer is solving the problem of poor or bad TV reception. Poor or bad television reception is an extremely common problem throughout the country. As a viewer there is nothing more irritating than trying to watch your favorite TV programme through bad TV reception!

It is difficult to diagnose the cause of the interference without visistng the property as there are a few things that can cause poor or bad TV reception. Anything from cable connections, loss of tuning and the weather can all cause poor or bad TV reception. One common cause bad of TV reception is your location and your remoteness from the local transmitter.  

As a rule of thumb the further you are from the transmitter, the more the quality of reception will lower. Living in a particular area can impact reception; areas such as Patcham and Hangelton, East Sussex, often suffer from poor TV reception due to being situated at the bottom of a valley. Doddington Aerials & Satellites can advise you on a TV solution to ensure you get the most dependable TV system according to your location, after all everyone’s needs are different.

Your local environment such as what is between your signal and the transmitter can also have an impact on TV reception, this includes large buildings and even tall trees, these are yet more examples of factors which can cause poor TV reception.

As you may have guessed the condition of your aerial can also influence the picture quality you receive on your TV.

In order to get the best quality picture it is important that your aerial is in good condition to receive optimum signal. 

Another widespread cause of reception problems is roof work. Often when people have work carried out on their roof TV aerials are knocked or moved accidently. A Television aerial located on the roof can be more difficult to correct as problems differ; from the connected cabling to aerial itself.

Due to the complexity of television reception issues it is always advisable that if you have problems with your TV reception you contact a reliable and trustworthy engineer. Doddington Aerials & Satellites has over six years experience in the industry and can therefore fix any aerial, TV reception or digital TV reception problems for you at an affordable price.

Some of the services we carryout to help with TV reception problems include:
  • TV Aerial Upgrades
  • Problem Solving For TV Reception Problems
  • Problem Solving For Digital TV Reception Problems
  • Problem Solving For Satellite TV Problems
  • TV Aerial Services
  • Help With The Digital Switchover
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