Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sky Creates ‘Sky Go’, A New Web Player And Mobile TV Service

This week saw Sky announce plans to merge its web catch up TV  service named  ‘Sky Player’ with its mobile TV service ‘Sky Mobile TV’, to offer one single new service which will be titled ‘Sky Go’.
It is widely believed that the aim of the union is to make available one free and flexible service which gives everyone access to its services. Sky have said that  its’ existing Sky TV customers  will be given access to the new  TV service,  regardless of the technology they use, everything from Macs to PCs and Smart Phones will be compatible.
People who are not currently Sky customers will  also be able to benefit from the service, however it will not be as soon as Sky customers.
Sky’s Deputy Managing Director Stephen Van Rooyen, commented in an interview this week that the increase in popularity of Smart Phones has increased the demand for access to technology on the move.
With Sky reported to have recently bought ‘The Cloud’ a Wi-Fi operator, Sky is reported to now own around 4500 public wireless internet hubs which can be used for this service, helping to further their customer experience.

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