Friday, 3 June 2011

What Is An Integrated Reception System & How Is Abseiling Used For An IRS Install?

If you enjoy and start to regularly read the Doddington Aerials & Satellites blog then you may find the term IRS crop up now and again, therefore we thought we best quickly explain to you what IRS is!

IRS stands for ‘Integrated Reception System’ and can be explained in brief as a system which provides broadcast signals from multiple sources to many outlets. These sources are generally; satellite and analogue TV, radio and DAB radio. The signal is sent via an aerial cluster and ‘booster-distributor’.
IRS systems are used as a solution for communal buildings such as flats and housing blocks. IRS is used because it allows for one aerial to service many individual needs (flats).  

IRS systems are increasing in popularity due to the digital switchover; this is because the IRS’s ancestor MATV (master aerial television) needs replacing. 

An IRS collects the broadcast signals and then distributes them to a new 3 or 4 socket wall outlet plate in each dwelling. This is screened from electrical interference to ensure the best available service is received by the resident. 

IRS is a fantastic solution for both landlords and residents alike. Installing an IRS enables the resident to choose their TV option; they can connect their TV to free to view services or to sign up for digital satellite, all at the most convenient time for them. 

An IRS provides each flat access to: digital satellite TV and Digital Terrestrial, Sky Plus, HD TV, FM and DAB. There are also possibilities for extending the system to enable access to foreign TV and radio channels too!

Installing IRS can be costly for landlord because of the amount of specialist equipment which is required to access areas of the building to complete an install. At Doddington Aerials & Satellites we have a solution to this cost!
We use our rope access and abseiling skills to access almost any building, we use the ropes to scale down the side of buildings thus giving us access to almost any property (one passing child said to his mother we look like spider man!). Using abseiling to install IRS is a cost effective, quick and safe method of installation. At Doddington Aerials and Satellites we appreciate economic times are tough and therefore really thrive on the fact our abseiling skills help to deliver projects frequently under budget! Not only that we love working on the ropes too!

Look out for our blog posts on Installing IRS using abseiling, if you haven’t read one yet you can read about a recent install in Bognor Regis (we had a lovely view of the seaside)!

If you would like more info on Installing IRS systems visit our website or call 07794786718

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